Investment & Insurance Planning

We believe in finding the best investment and insurance solution for our clients. We have a fiduciary duty to our clients, which means that we always act in the best interest of our clients. We make sure every investment or insurance solution aligns with our clients’ goals, priorities, principles, and values.


We believe in a customized approach to investment management. As Independent Advisors, we are not obligated to work with any specific Investment manager. Our allegiance is to our clients. Our independence gives us the ability to select Investment managers that aim to deliver the results we seek. Our success is dependent on the success of our clients.


We have customizable investment strategies to fit every client’s unique needs:


  • Investment portfolios through LPL Financial Services based on our clients goals, principles, and values.
  • Portfolios through LPL Financial Services that support environmental and social change.
  • Investment services to address growth or income.
  • Services to address tax minimization.
  • Options to manage family wealth succession.


Every decision we make for our clients is calculated. We are constantly looking for the best outcome with the least amount of risk. The legacy of our clients is our purpose and mission, and we’ll do our best striving to grow and protect it.

We help our clients seek protection against the unknown:

  • Guaranteed income strategies to protect our clients from the risk of living longer than expected.
  • Strategies that aim to protect against stock market volatility.
  • Long term care insurance in an effort to protect families from expensive long-term healthcare bills.
  • Wealth replacement strategies that aim to protect families from financial hardship due to an unexpected death in the family.
  • Protection against the passing or disability of a key person in a family business.


Investments & Insurance

We make sure every investment or insurance solution aligns with our clients’ goals, priorities, principles, and values.

Retirement & Financial Independence Planning

A continuous process that works towards creating and sustaining wealth for multiple lifetimes.

Family Legacy Planning

At Traditions, we believe legacy is about more than financial assets, it also includes the values, principles, memories, and life lessons a person leaves behind.

Trust & Estate Planning

We know estate planning can be confusing and hard to talk about. That is why we integrate estate planning into everything we do.

Tax Planning

We will work directly with your assigned tax professional and submit documents and answer questions on your behalf.

Business Owner Services

A business can create substantial wealth, and take care of your family for multiple generations. We seek to help business owners enjoy those rewards.

Investment & Insurance Resources

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