Why a membership?

We are dedicated to helping families nurture their wealth potential in alignment with their goals, values, and principles. As wealth and legacy planners, we offer comprehensive financial plans that include guidance for your trust, estate, insurance, and investment needs.

We have members, not clients.

We do not call our members “clients” because we do not sell, we do not product push, and we do not have transactional relationships based solely on commissions.

We want to have a genuine relationship with our members so we can anticipate their needs and proactively find solutions. We are a membership firm because we treat clients like members of our own family. We care for our members by helping them plan for every life situation. This is the spirt behind our memberships.

Membership Options

We believe financial planning is like a tradition. Both should be created thoughtfully and preserved for future generations. They should make us feel like we are part of something bigger than ourselves. Here is how we help our members stay connected to their past, present, and future.

Preserve the legacy of loved ones.

Legacy is what we choose to do with our time and money. Everyone has a legacy to preserve regardless of the size of an inheritance or bequest. Legacies have the potential to live an infinite life with careful stewardship of the values, principles, and resources of loved ones.

Have a different perspective of wealth.

We consider financial resources as a servant to a person’s intangible forms of wealth. Our work gives our members more time to share their intangible wealth of knowledge and expertise, so they can go forward with confidence to impact the lives of others and the world around them.

Plan early and plan often.

Financial planning is a road map for success at any age. It is an on-going collaborative effort that is never finished. A financial plan becomes more meaningful when it is created with current and future generations in mind.