Shaquana Nelson, MSF

Meet Shaquana Nelson

Director of Client Relations

At Traditions, the relationship with the client is Shaquana Nelson’s #1 priority. Merging her international expertise with her understanding of diversity and inclusion, she empowers those clients and nurtures healthier money relationships. With a strong belief in self-protection, Shaquana creates safe spaces in which to feel the power of vulnerability and establishes an understanding with each client. She meets the client on their wealth journey and provides them with clear, actionable steps towards their goals in the financial planning process.

Having traveled to 50+ countries, Shaquana Nelson has gained insight, international knowledge, and real-world experience about people and their relationships to money. She aspires to be a catalyst for breaking generational poverty through financial planning and wealth management.

She has devoted the past five years of her life to economic empowerment through community outreach and financial literacy education. She is highly knowledgeable in both the public and private sectors, having worked with various governmental organizations, high schools, community organizations, and Financial Planning Firms. Shaquana has found that nurturing money relationships can restore the perception of wealth as a tool for opportunity, discipline, and education.


Background & Experience

Shaquana Nelson attended Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, where she started her worldly exploration and acquired her love for the Spanish language as an exchange student in Argentina. After graduating with a Dual-Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Economics, she later received a Master’s in Financial Management from United International Business School. This is a renowned business school based in Geneva, Switzerland, with a remote campus in Barcelona, Spain, where she lived and attended.

She shares an appreciation for cross-border financial planning due to the dissimilarities in economies she was exposed to throughout her globally focused education. This experience enlightened her to the lives of many displaced Americans around the world, such as military spouses, expats, young traveling professionals, and entrepreneurs, to name but a few. She soon realized that no matter the client’s location in the world, she cared about crafting their unique journey toward building generational wealth.

Away from the Office

Shaquana has many places to call home. She enjoys traveling solo, cooking traditional Jamaican cuisine, and serving others within the Christian community. She is happiest when merging cultures and bringing people together.

Contact Shaquana

Phone: (347) 289-7375

At Traditions, we believe in a comprehensive and client-centric approach to managing wealth. We design and implement a customized wealth management strategy based on every client’s unique situation.