Trust & Estate Planning

We know estate planning can be confusing and hard to talk about. That is why we integrate estate planning into everything we do. We will work with your estate attorney to incorporate any adjustments to your estate plan with every decision we make together.


It’s important to know what an Estate is, what is included in your Estate, and the total value of your Estate. If your total estate exceeds a certain amount, the heirs of your estate might need to pay an estate tax. The good news is that there is an estate tax exemption that covers most people, but this value could change each year. We provide estate tax education, so you and your beneficiaries are well prepared.


A Trust can be a valuable tool for your estate plan. However, there are many different types of Trust to consider. Lemar Williams, our Founder and President, holds the Certified Trust and Fiduciary Advisor (CTFA) designation. His experience and credentials will be a resource to you and your family. You will learn about the pros and cons of various Trust structures. By providing you with this education ahead of time, you can work confidently with your estate attorney to find the right Trust structure for you and your family.


Estate planning is a sensitive subject, and some family members are not prepared to have that “what if” conversation. Ignoring the conversation or pretending “it” will never happen is not a good solution. Allow our team to be your family consultant to facilitate that “what if” conversation. We will provide education on how you and your family can be prepared when that time comes.


Financial giving can be very rewarding for both the giver and the recipient. Joy is not the only reward you can receive from giving. Depending on your financial situation, giving could be to your financial benefit. Our team can develop strategies that could potentially minimize your tax burden, while also improving your giving towards family, church, or your favorite charity, without impacting your current lifestyle.

We are Financial Planners for all of life’s moments.


Comprehensive Financial Planning

Having a retirement plan from a 401(k) provider or an online retirement calculator is often not enough. We offer a plan for our client’s financial goals that includes education planning, general financial guidance and life event planning.

Investment & Insurance Planning

As Independent Advisors, we are not obligated to work with any specific asset manager. The only allegiance we have is to our clients and to finding portfolio and insurance strategies to fit their unique needs.

Legacy Planning

We help our clients create timeless family documents that pass down values, principles, memories, and life lessons to their loved ones such as a family mission statement, family constitution, and your family story.